Towersey Tales Tent

Our dedicated Storytelling tent is home to some great tellers.  Come and snuggle down in this cosy little tent and lose yourself in a story.

The Towersey Tales Storytellers are Jake Evans, Tamar Eluned Williams, Chris Cole and Patrick Ashcroft, and they'll be weaving their tales of mystery, humour and thrills every day from about noon until around 5pm.

About Jake Evans

Jake has been involved with storytelling for about 6 years after being introduced to the art while I was at High School. While Jake was away on a college trip to Kenya, the power of storytelling really dawned on him. Being able to tell stories in all the schools he visited on the trip was invaluable. Jake have been focusing on storytelling more and more, expanding his story repertoire and working, performing and leading workshops in schools, libraries, museums and many more venues and events. He won National Young Storyteller of the Year in 2014.

About Tamar Eluned Williams

Tamar is a previous winner of the national Young Storyteller of the Year award in 2013. In the same year, she was awarded the Welsh Prize and the People's Prize by audience vote. She has gone onto work nationally as a performance storyteller, creating spoken word shows for a range of audiences, and appearing at festivals such as Whitby Folk Week, Beyond the Border International Storytelling Festival, Lakefest, In The Woods Festival and the Birmingham Book Festival. More information: